Heights’s latest innovations for Home Gateways and WiFi Extenders
We will demonstrate our virtualised platforms that allow Service Providers to deliver broadband excellence to retain and win subscribers. 
Come to booth D7 to see:   
   * Full WiFi 7 capability     
   * SmartHome IoT with Matter services   
   * Advanced Home WiFi  Services    

If you are interested to see a Demo of our new Service Orchestration Platform, please come and see us.

Quality & Experience

Optimize user experience with innovative cutting-edge Gateways and entire home WiFi solutions utilizing the most advanced chipsets in the market.

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Increase your ARPU

Heights Telecom offer innovative gateways with open platform base containers, to add new services, based on this technology, service providers can differniate their offering and create new revenues.

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Design your Brand

Raise operator’s brand value and build customer brand awareness, customize hardware, software and product design according to customer requirements

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Heights Telecom offers innovative gateways with open platform based containers, to add new services, based on this technology, service providers can differentiate their offering and create new revenues.

Heights Telecom provides an orchestration system for services & containers management which allows to launch services in rapidly TTM and unified management of cloud services.


To the innovative
& cutting-edge custom gateways

Our products.

Heights' gateways and Wi-Fi Mesh innovative solutions are the best on the market, with classic design, containerized SW, 10G connectivity and WiFi 6E tri-band supported

Our Services.

Heights’ gateway is a platform to add third-party applications that increase the operator’s revenue & reduce operational cost and customer churn

Our Solutions.

Heights’ Orchestration system together with the containerized platform is the ultimate solution that allows operators to build an ecosystem of value-added applications.
“Heights Telecom has proven to be a very innovative company ready to take it The latest technology for development and production with the highest skills and professionalism.”
Keren Leizerovits
Bezeq CMO
“ Our integration with Heights Telecom creates a timely solution for the industry, providing telco’s with flexibility and faster deployment of value-added services. ”
Sivan Rauscher
CEO and Co-founder of SAM Seamless Networks
“ Plume is delighted to support this new partnership with Heights-Telecom as we expand our distribution and product availability throughout the world ”
said Russell Dougherty
VP, Global Partnerships, Plume

Case Study

Bezeq success
Bezeq’s success shows the value of a strategic focus on home Wi-Fi routers and services