ERO1eT Pro


ERO1eT PRO Tri-Band WiFi6E AX10500 MESH Extender is part of Heights Telecom’s mesh network solution which bring reliable and high-performance WiFi coverage to anywhere in the home.

WiFi 6

Tri-Band wireless AX10500

6GHz 4X4 11ax + 5GHz 4X4 11ax + 2.4GHz 2X2 11ax.

Containerized SW

HT’s containerized software based on LXC containers with Life-circle-management capabilities.


WiFi6 extender support EasyMesh R3 standard, can acts controller or agent

Smart LED

GW status is indicated by one LED.

The details matter.
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LAN Interface

2X1GE; 1X2.5GE

WiFi 6E


6GHz 4X4 11ax + 5GHz 4X4 11ax + 2.4GHz 2X2 11ax

Wireless Data Rate

Up to 10.2 Gbps

6GHz - 4.8Gpbs + 5GHz - 4.8Gbps + 2.4GHz - 600Mbps

Mesh Network


EasyMesh R3.0


TR69/TR181 Data Model

OpenSync Ready

Supported OpenSync by Plume

Smart LED


One LED Indicator