HT-MT750AX Dual-band WiFi6 AX3600 smart gateway is a powerful 5G Cellular and 2.5G Active Ethernet Gateway which bring high connectivity solution that allows operators to add value-added services to increase their ARPU and reduce their customers' churn.

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WiFi 6

Dual-Band wireless AX3600

5GHz 4X4 11ax + 2.4GHz 4X4 11ax

Containerized SW

HT’s containerized software based on LXC containers with Life-circle-management capabilities.

Cellular 5G

Integrated EasyMesh R2 controller as part of the gateway SW.

GW status is indicated by one LED.

The details matter.
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WAN interface

5G Cellular and 2.5G Active ETH

LAN Interface

1X1GE; 1X2.5GE; 1XUSB 2.0;1XUSB 3.0 Typc C



WiFI 6


5GHz 4X4 11ax + 2.4GHz 4X4 11ax

Wireless Data Rate

Up to 3.6 Gbps

5GHz - 2.4Gbps + 2.4GHz - 1.2Gbps


TR69/TR181 Data Model